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Jaguar Spares Days Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire

Jaguar Spares Days Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire

Next weekend, 15 March between 10:00 and 15:00, the Jaguar Spares Days will take place again in Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire. Probably the most important date for all Jaguar screwdrivers among us who still urgently need Jaguar parts. The event takes place twice a year, once in spring and once in autumn. The autumn date, due to the upcoming winter and the associated workshop time, is the more important one. More than 200 stalls offer everything from the rarest LUCAS relays to complete vehicles, from the beginnings of Standard & Swallow time to the rims of a Jaguar F-Type.
Until now, due to the current virus situation, there is no cancellation of the event, at least nothing can be found on the website. I am glad that one or the other of you should tell us about his visit here. For more information: http://www.jaguarsparesdays.co.uk
Bib Stillwell's Jaguar D-Type and Duncan Hamilton's Jaguar XK 120

Bib Stillwell's Jaguar D-Type and Duncan Hamilton's Jaguar XK 120

The new year is just awakening from its hibernation, as the first big auctions begin and with it the chance to acquire history, provided you have the necessary "small money". For us Jaguar crazy, two dates next month are very interesting. On February 5th, in the heart of Paris, at the feet of Napoleon Bonaparte, Place Vauban, the first large vintage car auction of the auction house RM Sotheby's on the old continent rises. With the lot number 171 a Jaguar D-Type "Shortnose" with the chassis No. XKD520. After its completion in 1955, his path led him directly to the other side of the world to Australia to his first owner the racing driver Bib Stillwell. Not only did the car compete in well-known races for many years and achieved some victories, such as the Bathurst Road Racing Championship in 1956.
The second event will take place on 22 and 23 February at Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth near Coventry, the first Silverstone auction this year at Race Retro 2020. Under the hammer, the legendary Jaguar XK120 OTS lands in its distinctive green with the chassis No. 660332, with whom Duncan Hamilton competed in his first races in a Jaguar, at the end of which in 1953 the overall victory in the 24 Hours of Le Mans stands. We'll see how the two famous Jaguars beat each other and whether they get a new home. I'll stick to it and report again at the end of next month.
Also this year, the Retro Classics 2014 took place at the exhibition grounds in Stuttgart from 13 to 16 March. In the meantime it is the 14th meeting and if one compares the number of visitors with the last year, it must be said that the perceived onslaught was much more enormous. Many well-known exhibitors from the last years were present again, such as the company Mirbach from beautiful Bavaria or "The Gallery" from the Netherlands and of course Döni Classic Cars from Switzerland.
I was surprised by the growing number of exhibitors and suppliers from Eastern European countries. I think we will have to expect even more from these parts of Europe in the future. But now I don't want to let you wait any longer, here some impressions ...

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  • 01-Messeeingang-1Let's try again, on the way to the fair ...
  • 01-Messeeingang-2… and now the first Jaguar, E-Type Roadster S2.
  • 01-Messeeingang-3The classic car parking place, here there is much to see, ...
  • 01-Messeeingang-4… here a BMW 503 and ...
  • 01-Messeeingang-5… the Bully as colorful locomotive set.
  • 02-StandE001E002-GTa-1Before the entrance gate the first stand ...
  • 02-StandE001E002-GTa-Triumph-TR4-1… now it is british, the Triumph TR4.
  • 02-StandE001E002-GTa-Triumph-TR4-2engine compartment Triumpf TR4
  • 03-Atrium-Delahaye-135M-Roadster-1stunningly beautiful, the Delahaye 135M Roadster
  • 03-Atrium-Delahaye-135M-Roadster-2Delahaye 135M Roadster front view
  • 04-Atrium-1the atrium
  • 04-Atrium-Bugatti-Royale-Torpedo-1a giant, the Bugatti Royale Torpedo
  • 04-Atrium-Lorraine-Dietrich-1Lorraine Dietrich
  • 04-Atrium-Salmson-1the small Salmson
  • 05-StandE040-XK120OTS-661004-1Not even arrived in the first hall ...
  • 05-StandE040-XK120OTS-661004-2… find something, Jaguar XK120 OTS with …
  • 05-StandE040-XK120OTS-661004-3… the chassis no. 661004, one of the few RHD.
  • 05-StandE040-XK120OTS-661004-4Jaguar XK120 OTS chassis no. 661004
  • 07-Stand4B52-XK140FHC-JaguarAssociationGermany-2Jaguar XK140 FHC at the Jaguar Association Germany stand
  • 07-Stand4B52-XK140OTS-JaguarAssociationGermany-1Jaguar XK140 OTS at the Jaguar Association Germany stand
  • 08-Stand4D73-ETypeS1-MunichMotorsMasterpieces-1Jaguar E-Type Roadster Series 1
  • 08-Stand4D73-ETypeS1-MunichMotorsMasterpieces-2Jaguar E-Type Roadster Series 1
  • 08-Stand4D73-Jaguar-Mark1-MunichMotorsMasterpieces-1Jaguar Mark 1 in british racing green
  • 08-Stand4D73-Jaguar-Mark1-MunichMotorsMasterpieces-2Jaguar Mark 1 in british racing green
  • 09-Halle6-1view into the trading hall 6
  • 09-Halle6-EType-1rear view of two E-Types compared Series 1 and Series 2
  • 09-Halle6-EType-2engine compartment Jaguar E-Type later Series
  • 09-Halle6-EType-3rear view of a Jaguar E-Type Coupé Series 2 with 4,2 litre engine
  • 09-Halle6-EType-4front view of a Jaguar E-Type Coupé Series 2 with 4,2 litre engine
  • 09-Halle6-EType-5Jaguar E-Type Roadster Series 3
  • 09-Halle6-EType-6engine compartment Jaguar E-Type early series
  • 09-Halle6-EType-7greetings from Jerry Cotton, sidelines red Jaguar E-Type Coupé.
  • 09-Halle6-VWKaeferis the car not cuddly, VW Beatle Cabrio.
  • 09-Halle6-XK120C-1The C-Type is not missing, but the finish would not be here the first choice.
  • 09-Halle6-XK140DHC-1Jaguar XK140 DHC from the ...
  • 09-Halle6-XK140DHC-2… beautiful Czechia ...
  • 09-Halle6-XK140DHC-3… one of my personal highlights ...
  • 09-Halle6-XK140DHC-4… but not for the price of about € 100.000.- ...
  • 09-Halle6-XK140DHC-5… so with a heavy heart I say byebye.
  • 10-Halle8-Koffer-1You will not get itchy feet?
  • 11-Stand8F11-Bulldog-1show working with old machines
  • 12-Halle7-VWKaeferVW Beatle with Brezelfenster,you simply must love him.
  • 13-Stand7D35-MorganThreewheeler-SpitfireClubthe new old one - Morgan 3 Wheeler from the current production
  • 14-Stand7B55-TriumphIGSuedwesta time travel through the Triumph models past days.
  • 15-Stand7B52-RoverMeteorSpeed20-RoverFreundeThe Rover Meteor Speed 20 on the stand of the Rover Freunde Deutschland e.V.
  • 16-Stand7D72-VolvoClubAn old familiar exhibit, the family friendly Volvo PV 445 Duett from 1959.
  • 17-Halle5-1view into the hall 5 for friends of Opel and US Cars
  • 17-Halle5-2US Style, lot of Chrome and Brass on the Cadillac stand
  • 17-Halle5-3Chevrolet Corvette C1
  • 17-Halle5-4Chevrolet Blazer Pickup and 1960s Buick LeSabre
  • 17-Halle5-5Hot Rod
  • 17-Halle5-6Buick Roadmaster
  • 17-Halle5-7bonnet Auburn Speedster
  • 17-Halle5-8Dodge Custom at the stand from RD Classics the US Car specialist
  • 18-Halle1-1view into the hall 1, here it is really expensive
  • 18-Halle1-Stand1G73-AutoFeyrerClassic-2stand 1G73 Auto Feyrer Classics
  • 18-Halle1-Stand1I72-HK-Engineering-3stand 1I72 HK Engineering
  • 19-Stand1F54-XK120-679768-GhiaSupersonic-1The Jaguar XK120 Ghia Supersonic ...
  • 19-Stand1F54-XK120-679768-GhiaSupersonic-2… with the chassis no. 679768 ...
  • 19-Stand1F54-XK120-679768-GhiaSupersonic-3… one of the last remaining.
  • 20-Stand1H52-XK120OTS-661051-The Gallery-1On the stand from The Gallery a Jaguar XK120 OTS, exactly ...
  • 20-Stand1H52-XK120OTS-661051-The Gallery-2… Jaguar XK120 OTS chassis no. 661051.
  • 20-Stand1H52-XK120OTS-661051-The Gallery-3interior Jaguar XK120 OTS chassis no. 661051
  • 20-Stand1H52-XK120OTS-661051-The Gallery-4Jaguar XK120 OTS chassis no. 661051
  • 21-Stand1I33-XK120OTS-GrossSchlaegerClassicCars-1front view Jaguar XK120 OTS
  • 21-Stand1I33-XK120OTS-GrossSchlaegerClassicCars-2front view Jaguar XK120 OTS
  • 21-Stand1I33-XK120OTS-GrossSchlaegerClassicCars-3interior Jaguar XK120 OTS
  • 22-Stand1K74-XKSS-LolaMotor Cars-1Very nice replica of the legendary Jaguar XKSS ...
  • 22-Stand1K74-XKSS-LolaMotor Cars-2… in the color of the racing team Ecurie Ecosse ...
  • 22-Stand1K74-XKSS-LolaMotor Cars-3… 4.2 litre engine with 280 bhp ...
  • 22-Stand1K74-XKSS-LolaMotor Cars-4… and LHD.
  • 23-Halle1-ETypeLEJaguar E-Type Lightweight
  • 24-Halle1-FTypeCoupeJaguar F-Type Coupé, the new one is there
  • 25-Stand1C32-XK150FHC-S837694BW-KochKlassik-1front view Jaguar XK150 DHC chassis no. S837694BW
  • 25-Stand1C32-XK150FHC-S837694BW-KochKlassik-2rear view Jaguar XK150 DHC chassis no. S837694BW
  • 26-Stand1F12-XK120OTS-Mirbach-1front view Jaguar XK120 OTS
  • 26-Stand1F12-XK120OTS-Mirbach-2side viewJaguar XK120 OTS
  • 26-Stand1F12-XK120OTS-Mirbach-3rear view Jaguar XK120 OTS
  • 26-Stand1F12-XK150FHC-Mirbach-4front view Jaguar XK150 FHC
  • 26-Stand1F12-XK150FHC-Mirbach-5rear view Jaguar XK150 FHC