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In this area, you can learn a lot about the legendary production vehicles of the Jaguar XK series, from the Jaguar XK120 to the Series 3 of the Jaguar E-Type.


  • Eagle Lightweight GT - (Copyright Eagle Sales Ltd.)
    Actually, I have to admit right at the beginning that I only ever have in mind the Jaguar XKs and E-Types, who experienced their birth in Coventry and which one would commonly refer to as "the originals". But again and again in my daily research these breathtaking cats appear in my eye-catcher, which captivate me again and again with their simple elegance as soon as I see them. I am talking about the transformations that a small company produces on the basis of original vehicles Read More
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Even Hal Ashby, director of the famous classic movie from the 70s, knew that an E-Type could also be used commercially and someone dared to take the step ...

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