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An update has been made from version 2.02 to version 2.03. The following changes have been implemented:
  • In the category "Scene" and "Movies", the content can now be filtered. The filter options will be expanded without further notice in the next few months.
An update has been made from version 2.01 to version 2.02. The following changes have been implemented:
  • Articles can be commented on from now on
  • on the home page there is now additionally the "Jag of the Month"
An update from version 2.00 to version 2.01 was carried out. The following changes have been implemented:
  • in addition to the languages ​​German and English, French is now also available
  • the "News" section is now on the start page
  • the "Contact" area in the foot menu has been revised
  • the header area has been revised
Today, after almost five years of interruption, I am pleased to be able to present my website in the new way. The content has remained the same, with a few exceptions. For the time being, I discontinued the "Marketplace" section, in which I presented the Jaguar XK120, XK140 and XK150 offered for sale on various platforms. The English-speaking visitors among you will have noticed that the English text has become a bit bumpy. That's because I started working with an automated translation on the new page to add more languages to the content in the future. As you can see on the home page, the vehicle area is supplemented by the legendary Jaguar XKE range, better known as the Jaguar E-Type. Once the content is finished, the areas will be activated via the appropriate links and now have a lot of fun browsing.
I am glad that you are visiting this page even if you have only got lost here. I would like to dedicate this page to all classic car enthusiasts, especially the friends of the classic Jaguar XK series. Like many people at the London Motor Show in 1948, I felt like I was wandering the internet some time ago and seeing a Jaguar XK 120 for the first time in my life. I was fascinated by the simple and elegant shape of the vehicle. Since then, I have been working with this vehicle and its successors, whether it's the history, the technology, the design or the people around the Jaguar XK. I cannot yet say where the path of this new side will lead here. Maybe it will disappear and be forgotten, or it will become a haven of wisdom and sources on the subject, but perhaps it will also become a platform for the stories or opinions of various people who share this passion with me. But I know one thing: you just have to try it.