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In this area, you can learn a lot about the legendary production vehicles of the Jaguar XK series, from the Jaguar XK120 to the Series 3 of the Jaguar E-Type.


  • 60 years E-Type - (Copyright Jaguar Land Rover Ltd)
    When in March 1961 Bob Berry drove one of the first Jaguar E-Types across the streets of Germany in the direction of Geneva in a "cloak-and-dagger" operation, no one suspected that this would be the beginning of one of the greatest automotive success stories that still persists, 60 years later.Born out of a cool mathematical calculation based on the aerodynamics of its predecessor, he was soon described as one of the most beautiful vehicles ever built by one of the biggest racing car manufacturers, Enzo Read More
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Man and machine, nobody embodied this better than Steve McQueen and his Jaguar XKSS 731, which he affectionately called "Green Rat", Jay Leno and his guests introduce the "Rodent".

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