I am glad that you are visiting this page even if you have only got lost here. I would like to dedicate this page to all classic car enthusiasts, especially the friends of the classic Jaguar XK series. Like many people at the London Motor Show in 1948, I felt like I was wandering the internet some time ago and seeing a Jaguar XK 120 for the first time in my life. I was fascinated by the simple and elegant shape of the vehicle. Since then, I have been working with this vehicle and its successors, whether it's the history, the technology, the design or the people around the Jaguar XK. I cannot yet say where the path of this new side will lead here. Maybe it will disappear and be forgotten, or it will become a haven of wisdom and sources on the subject, but perhaps it will also become a platform for the stories or opinions of various people who share this passion with me. But I know one thing: you just have to try it.