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Cara Weston has loved English cars for as long as she can remember and, how could it be otherwise, dreamed of an E-Type early on. When she got the chance, she grabbed it, more than 40 years ago.

There were to be 25 Jaguar XKSS when a devastating fire broke out in Brownslane, Coventry in January 1957. More than 60 years later, the destroyed 9 XKSS are rising like the phoenix from the ashes.

Only two of the twelve original Lightweight E-Types were converted to Low Drags in their history. One, by a gifted young engineer, Sami Klat. This is his story.

The classic car business is booming. To the annoyance of the automotive industry, past them. So why not just join in? Jaguar shows how it's done. Have a look...

If you live on the East Coast of the USA and have a weakness for vintage Jaguars, you definitely heard of this amazing man.

Man and machine, nobody embodied this better than Steve McQueen and his Jaguar XKSS 731, which he affectionately called "Green Rat", Jay Leno and his guests introduce the "Rodent".

“Die Autodoktoren” are an institution in the German car scene for a long time. They're always in a good mood, they can repair everything that has 4 wheels and one of them has the right fever.

My first thought was "Workshop" and "Richard Hammond", somehow that don't fit together but obviously his project bears fruits. Thanks to NA Greenhouse & Son.

Do you know the difference between a new and a restored E-Type or how it all started at Eagle? Henry Pearman and Paul Brace chat from behind the scenes.

Assuming you have more than 3000 hours time and an old Jaguar E-Type in the garage who breaks into two parts just looking at him, then I have an idea for you ...

In 2019 the guys from ADP took part in the Mille Miglia through northern Italy with two race-proven Jaguar XK120s. This resulted in this remarkable short film, a "must seen".

The story of two men who shared a lifelong passion and friendship and an invention that initially revolutionized racing.