• Jaguar XK150 DHC

Jaguar XK150 DHC

XK = engine (X-experimental/K-type series)
150 = maximum speed
SE = "Special Equipment" (optional)
S = fitted with three carburator (optional)
DHC = Drop Head Coupé

Construction period Mai 1957 bis October 1960
basis price £ 1195 (engine 3.4)
basis price £ 1477 (engine 3.4S)
basis price £ 1390 (engine 3.8)
basis price £ 1555 (engine 3.8S)

2671 vehicles built
662 vehicles with right hand drive (RHD)
2009 vehicles with left hand drive (LHD)

Chassis Numbers

vehicles with right hand drive (RHD): 827001 to 827663
vehicles with left hand drive (LHD): 837001 to 839010

chassis numbers with a prefixed "S": "Special Equipment"
chassis numbers with a prefixed "T": "Special Equipment", with 3,8 litre engine
chassis numbers with a postfixed "DN": vehicle has integrated "Overdrive"
chassis numbers with a postfixed "BW": vehicle has integrated automatic


Engineering Changes

September 1957

(from DHC Model 837014)

brake piston of the rear brake calipers from 44.4 mm to 41.3 mm downscaled

(from DHC Model 837030)

Vehicles with automatic received a magnetic switch controlled lock against rolling back on a slope.

November 1957

(from DHC Model 827001 and 837071)

upper part of the steering column changed

(from DHC Model 827001 and 837090)

35 amp fuse number 1, 2, 5 and 6 replaces against 50 amp

February 1958

The future master-cylinder is made from cast iron instead aluminium.

Mai 1958

(from DHC Model 827011 and 837332)

The armrest modified to act as door pull.

June 1958

(from DHC Model 827069 and 837415)

Switch for the indicator is transferred to the steering column away from the dashboard

July 1958

(from DHC Model 827072 and 837434)

dashboard extended with rheostat switch, marked 'heater, fast-slow', for heater fan motor next to the rev. counter

(from DHC Model 827168 and 837573)

Flat springs of the rear axle replaced by new ones with stronger main layer and altered spring eye and Nylon interleaving introduced.

January 1959

(from DHC Model 827236 and 837836)

brake calipers with square quick-change brake pads now standard

(from DHC Model 827235 and 837831)

ball joints with larger load ball and therefore a higher diffraction angle fitted

April 1959

(from DHC Model 827209 and 837662)

new rear bumper with closer spaced overriders fitted

June 1959

(from DHC Model 827094 and 837468)

Ventilation on the fuel tank expanded and the overflow through of the filler neck fitted

(from DHC Model 827240 and 837846)

car boot hinges with suspension fitted

(from DHC Model 827258 and 837865)

ashtray transfered from the door to the gearbox tunnel

(from DHC Model 827340 and 838231)

prism-shaped grinded rear view mirror (C.14920) fitted

(from DHC Model 827273 and 838259)

stronger alternator with 25 amps and custom controller fitted

(from DHC Model 827349 and 838238)

The springs of the cover hinges from the trunk are preloaded, so the trunk cover stays open by itself. It omitted the support struts together with brackets.

(from DHC Model 827355 and 838246)

The three sieve air filter of the "S" version are replaced by a single air filter with paper element.

(from DHC Model 827379 and 838273)

clutch slave cylinder with stronger bracket equipped

(from DHC Model 827373 and 838272)

mechanical rev. counter replaced by electrically powered rev. counter

July 1959

(from DHC Model 827272 and 837941)

vacuum supply tank for brake booster (Reservac tank) fitted

January 1960

(from DHC Model 827505 and 838590)

new brake master cylinder fitted

March 1960

(from DHC Model 827510)

new connector for easier handling of the handbrake

April 1960

(from DHC Model 827540 and 838754)

dashboard modified and integrated tell-tale light for hand brake and low brake pressure
supply tank for brake fluid made of polyethylene fitted
hand brake pads with pad grade M.34 fitted
Tailpipe plugged on exhaust silencer and secured with clamp, not welded.
new rear shock absorber with 35 mm damper piston fitted

Mai 1960

(from DHC Model 827540 and 838754)

Brake Pads Ferodo DS.5 replaced by Mintex M.33

November 1960

(from DHC Model 838661)

red short fibre carpet instead of red loop-pile carpet fitted

(from DHC Model 838684)

light brown short fibre carpet instead of light brown loop-pile carpet fitted

(from DHC Model 827508)

green short fibre carpet instead of green loop-pile carpet fitted

(from DHC Model 827573)

dark blue short fibre carpet instead of dark blue loop-pile carpet fitted

(from DHC Model 838889)

black short fibre carpet instead of black loop-pile carpet fitted

(from DHC Model 838904)

New headlights for the U.S. export vehicles introduced, due to the new U.S. traffic offence.




inline 6 cylinder 4 stroke


two overhead camshafts (DOHC), which are driven via chain


valve angle 70o, overhead valves

bore x stroke

82 x 106 mm
87 x 106 mm (engine 3.8)


3442 cc
3781 cc


190 bhp at 5500 rpm (engine 3.4)
210 bhp at 5500 rpm (engine 3.8 SE)
250 bhp at 5500 rpm (engine 3.4S)
220 bhp at 5500 rpm (engine 3.8)
265 bhp at 5500 rpm (engine 3.8S)

maximun torque

210 lb ft at 2500 rpm (engine 3.4)
216 lb ft at 3000 rpm (engine 3.4 SE)
240 lb ft at 4500 rpm (engine 3.4S)
240 lb ft at 3000 rpm (engine 3.8)
260 lb ft at 4000 rpm (engine 3.8S)

compression ratio





front: disc brakes with service assistant
rear: disc brakes with service assistant


4 speed manual, as off second speed synchronized, transfer over prop shaft to the rear axle

wheel suspension

front: wishbone with torsion bar springs and hydraulic shock absorbers
rear: rigid axle with flat springs and hydraulic telescope shock absorbers


all-steel body with steel doors and aluminum bonnet


8 ft 6 in


14 ft 9 in


5 ft 4,5 in


4 ft 7 in

maximum speed

121 mph (engine 3.4)
130 mph (engine 3.4S)
129 mph (engine 3.8)
132 mph (engine 3.8S)

acceleration 0–60 mph

9 sec (engine 3.4)
7.7 sec (engine 3.4S)
8 sec (engine 3.8)
7.7 sec (engine 3.8S)

dry weight

26,75 cwt. l.

kerb weight

29 cwt. l.