Only slightly more than two and a half years took the production time of the XK140. 1957 the successor is comming on the market, the XK150. Unlike the previous model change the transition will be radical in many facets. Since the presentation of the XK120 at the Motor Show at Earls Court almost 10 years have passed and the development in design and technic the Jaguar XK is outdated. This can be already seen at the small number of Jaguar XK-SS who drive on the road at the same time and arise from the racing legend Jaguar D-Type. The XK150 will be the last of its kind, in the successor model, finally the new direction penetrate with brute force, the Jaguar E-Type.

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The Jaguar XK150 differs in exterior quite significantly from its predecessor. It has a continuous, curved windscreen, the fall of the roof pillars gives the car a more modern silhouette. The most distinctive change, however is seen in the sideline. The rolling sideline of the long drawn-out back wing disappears and in its place enters, the time according, a straight sideline, see figure right. This all taken together, with the, over the wing broadened bonnet and the wide radiator grille, the Jaguar XK150 has a rather beefy appearance. The slim fast sports car has become a tourer but one of has it all, not a bit inertial. For this, the motorisation ensures, from the beginning you can choose two types of engines. Firstly, the engine of the previous model and the "Special Equipment" an improved version with the newly developed B-Type cylinder head which makes 210 bhp. Later a more powerful engine generation added, the so-called "S" version. This will bring 250 bhp on the road and make advertising with a nice little S on the car door, see figure. A short time later, the 3.8-liter engine follows, there will be a "S" version too.

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Inside the coupe there is more arm and leg room thanks to thinner doors and smaller backrest. It disappears the elegant look of walnut wood and give place to a dash of faux leather. From the beginning the XK150 is the first production car who is fitted around with Dunlop disc brakes, probably the greatest innovation and a good idea if you consider the new motorisation.
First, the "Fixed Head Coupé" and the "Drop Head Coupé" is offered on the market. The Roadster is already in development but leave some time in coming, 10 months later the moment has arrived. No trace from simplicity as it was usual with the XK120 and XK140. The new one has crank side windows instead plugable windows and door handles with armrests instead pulling cords. With the new Roadster the go-ahead was given for the the previously mentioned new engine generation. And finally the important thing last - by request, you can equip the leaper as hood ornament ex works or can be installed later.

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