• Jaguar XK140 FHC

Jaguar XK140 FHC

XK = engine (X-experimental/K-type series)
140 = maximum speed
SE = "Special Equipment" (optional)
M = "Modified" - "Special Equipment" only USA (optional)
MC = "Modified" - "Special Equipment" with C-Type cylinder head only USA (optional)
FHC = Fixed Head Coupé

Construction period October 1954 to February 1957
basis price £ 1140

2808 vehicles built
843 vehicles with right hand drive (RHD)
1965 vehicles with left hand drive (LHD)

Chassis Numbers

vehicles with right hand drive (RHD): 804001 to 804843
vehicles with left hand drive (LHD): 814001 to 815966

chassis numbers with a prefixed "A": "Special Equipment"
chassis numbers with a prefixed "S": "Special Equipment", additionally fitted with C-Type cylinder head
chassis numbers with a postfixed "DN": vehicle has integrated "Overdrive"
chassis numbers with a postfixed "BW": vehicle has integrated automatic

Engineering Changes

March 1955

(from FHC Model 804031 and 814053)

Fastening nut in the prop shaft flange at the differential fitted with lock plate. Applies to vehicles with Overdrive and translated 4,09:1 rear axle.

June 1955

(from FHC Model 804020 and 814035)

Radiator C.7523 with new bracket C.8830 fitted.
The radiator fan impeller with 394 mm diameter will be replaced by a larger one with a 406 mm diameter.

(from FHC Model 804080 and 814153)

new rear wheel brake cylinder (part number 39677) fitted

(from FHC Model 804121 and 814216)

Overdrive control circuit is fitted with relays

(from FHC Model 804124 and 814241)

new radiator C.9619 fitted

September 1955

(from FHC Model 804308 and 814532)

Self-aligning torque of the steering reduced. The castor angle will shortens from 2,½o-3o to 1,½o-2o.

December 1955

(from FHC Model 804523 and 815252)

Reducing damper switch fitted on vehicles with Overdrive.
Prevents to switch over from Overdrive to the highest gear, if you braking with closed reducing damper.

April 1956

(from FHC Model 804676 and 815528)

strengthen the holding bolt of the rear axle drive in the differential case from 9,5 to 11 mm

September 1956

(from FHC Model 804767 and 815755)

new handbrake lever fitted

October 1956

(from FHC Model 804781 and 815773)

steel doors with wooden frame fitted



inline 6 cylinder 4 stroke


two overhead camshafts (DOHC), which are driven via chain


valve angle 70o, overhead valves

bore x stroke

82 x 106 mm


3442 cc


190 bhp at 5500 rpm
210 bhp at 5750 rpm at SE/MC

maximun torque

210 lb ft at 2500 rpm
213 lb ft at 4000 rpm at SE/MC

compression ratio





front: drum brakes
rear: drum brakes


4 speed manual, as off second speed synchronized, transfer over prop shaft to the rear axle

wheel suspension

front: wishbone with torsion bar springs and hydraulic shock absorbers
rear: rigid axle with flat springs and hydraulic telescope shock absorbers


all-steel body with aluminum doors and bonnet, steel doors (from 1956)


8 ft 6 in


14 ft 8 in


5 ft 4,5 in


4 ft 7 in

maximum speed

121 mph
129 mph at SE

acceleration 0–60 mph

9.0 sec
8.4 sec at SE

dry weight

25,75 cwt. l.

kerb weight

28 cwt. l.