• Jaguar XK120 FHC

Jaguar XK120 FHC

XK = engine (X-experimental/K-type series)
120 = maximum speed
SE = "Special Equipment" (optional)
M = "Modified" - "Special Equipment" only USA (optional)
FHC = Fixed Head Coupé

Construction period March 1951 to September 1954
basis price £ 1088

2678 vehicles built
195 vehicles with right hand drive (RHD)
2483 vehicles with left hand drive (LHD)

Chassis Numbers

vehicles with right hand drive (RHD): 669001 to 669195
vehicles with left hand drive (LHD): 679001 to 681485, the chassis numbers 681241 and 681242 were not used

chassis numbers with a prefixed "S": "Special Equipment"

Engineering Changes

February 1952

(from FHC Model 669003 and 679215)

Short main shaft gearbox without rear extention, longer prop shaft and speedo cable fitted

(from FHC Model 669003 and 679222)

Salisbury 2HA axle 3,77:1 fitted to certain cars

April 1952

(from FHC Model 669003 and 679622)

Self-adjusting front brakes, tandem master-cylinder with splitted fluit container and new brake adjuster fitted

June 1952

(from FHC Model 669003 and 679622)

New revised Newton telescope shock absorbers mounted on the front axles, with 54 instead of 70 mm diameter.

(from FHC Model 669003 and 679729)

New revised Girling shock absorbers mounted on the rear axles.

December 1952

(from FHC Model 669003 and 679222)

Stiffer Rear Springs (C.5721) of the "Special Equipment" (SE) version fitted standard. Vehicle parts are now painted with synthetic enamel. A tin of fast-drying synthetic enamel now belongs to equipment.

(from FHC Model 669003 and 680271 + 680167-680169)

Trico vacuum-operated windscreen washer fitted.

(from FHC Model 669003  and 679222)

Rim width of the steel rims wheels to 5.5 inches larger. FHC is supplied with two keys, glove locker and car boot get separate keys.

March 1953

(from FHC Model 669005 and 680738)

"Special Equipment" version of the Fixed Head Coupé now with single instead of twin exhaust system.

April 1953

(from FHC Model 669007 and 680880)

Salisbury 4HA 3,54:1 axle fitted instead 2HA 3,77:1.

June 1953

(from FHC Model 669021 and 681200)

new rev. counter cable fitted

(from FHC Model 669021 and 681203)

new speedo cable fitted

January 1954

(from FHC Model 669106 and 681271)

cigar lighter from the MK II Saloon (C.5631) fitted.

September 1954

(from FHC Model 669158 and 681466)

rev. counter cable now completely black polythene outer sleeve

(from FHC Model 669185 and 681471 (or 681477))

handbrake lever modified

(from FHC Model 669164 (or 669194) and 681481)

steering column changed and replaced dome-type horn-push (C.4514) against flat-type horn-push (C.5558).



inline 6 cylinder 4 stroke


two overhead camshafts (DOHC), which are driven via chain


valve angle 70o, overhead valves

bore x stroke

83 x 106 mm


3442 cc


160 bhp at 5000 rpm
180 bhp at 5000 rpm at SE

maximum torque

195 lb ft at 2500 rpm
203 lb ft at 4000 rpm at SE

compression ratio





front: drum brakes
rear: drum brakes


4 speed manual, as off second speed synchronized, transfer over prop shaft to the rear axle

wheel suspension

front: wishbone with torsion bar springs and hydraulic shock absorbers
rear: rigid axle with flat springs and hydraulic lever shock absorbers


all-steel body with aluminum doors and bonnet


8 ft 6 in


14 ft 6 in


5 ft 1,5 in


4 ft 5,5 in

maximum speed

120 mph

acceleration 0–60 mph

9.9 sec

dry weight

25,5 cwt. l.

kerb weight

27 cwt. l.